Branding Mindsum as the all-in-one place to find the right mental health support

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About the client

Mental healthcare for people, not for profit

Mindsum is a non-profit organization that uses technology to bring the right information and support for the mental health of children and young people.

They do this by providing the right information, giving access to the right therapists, and dedicating all their profits towards funding therapy for those who cannot afford to pay.

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The challenge

Gaining trust and positioning as a leader

The most challenging part was to understand and incorporate the things that the audience needed to trust Mindsum. The other part was to position them as a leader among their well-known competitors.

Their audience is mostly made of two groups, the young people and their parents, and the therapists. We needed to talk to all of them differently, but at the same time in the same way.

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The solution

Focusing on the reason they exist to gain trust and differentiate

The most common question, no matter if it was a parent or a therapist when we did user testing was “Why? What’s the catch? Why would you do all of this for free?”.

It was clear the messaging was very important, and also the way sections were organized to tell their story along with the help of the images or illustrations.

We focused a lot on the fact that they are a non-profit organization that donates their profits to those who can’t afford to pay, and also on the fact that their team is actually a part of the audience, and that they know what it is like to not have access to the right mental health support or to not know where to learn more about anything that’s needed.

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of the user testers said that they would sign up for Mindsum to try it


audience groups

all the different parts of Mindsum’s audiences has recognized themselves right while looking over the home page

The results

All user testers recongized themselves in the audience and wanted to sign up

What the client has to say

Fareed Baloch

Management, Mindsum
Hardly you find a company or a team that deliver 100%, the way you did it.
I really loved the way workshops were conducted, because they involved all stakeholders. Challenges were narrowed down and solutions were found almost instantly. Workshops were like creativity on steroids. I never worked with any other company or team where I felt so relaxed. It was all because you were doing all the heavy lifting.

Samanta Servina

Content, Mindsum
Go for it. You will not regret it. You will be amazed at what they can deliver.
You organised a smart process for us in a methodical way, such that we were still able to be creative and productive without rigidity. Your flexibility in the process allowed us to have the extra space to re-convene while figuring out what we really wanted. You are extremely professional, friendly and up to the task at hand. You go above and beyond for your customers!

Maria Evangelopoulos

Operations, Mindsum
Trust the process. Be patient. Give 100% of your thoughts and ideas in every workshop.
The best part about working with Brandenstein was trusting them 100% with the process. It was amazing to see how all the activities during the workshops came together in the final product. The process is so well planned out that everything came together so nicely at the end.

The progress per week

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