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Disclaimer: This is not an official project, we haven’t worked with Invoice Ninja, it is just a conceptual project. We just wanted to share our view about the direction in which Invoice Ninja could go with their branding. This does not mean it is necessary for them and their business.
About Invoice Ninja

The all-in-one open-source invoicing app

Invoice Ninja is an invoicing software that provides good-quality services at an affordable price for freelancers and small businesses, and it's a big community for developers at the same time.

Invoice Ninja's website on desktop devices.
The challenge

Creating a balance between the customers

For Invoice Ninja, there are two distinct customer groups that depend on each other: freelancers and small businesses are the ones who pay for the software, and developers provide feedback and help Invoice Ninja expand while using their software for free.

For Invoice Ninja’s longevity, these two groups need to support each other.

The hero image showing people from their audience and their role in it.Freelancer's page and the different benefits of joining Invoice Ninja.The developers' page and the benefits of joining Invoice Ninja.
The solution

Making both types of customers feel welcome

We strategically uncovered their brand values first, took an in-depth look at the customers and their pain points, and then re-wrote the messaging.

We wanted to make it very clear who they are for and what's developers’ role in this.

The developers' and freelancers' pages.Invoice Ninja's website on a laptop.Invoice Ninja's website opened on a laptop.Invoice Ninja's website on a mobile device.Different illustrations and visual elements on two mobile devices.The pricing page on a tablet.What the different elements of Invoice Ninja's logo mean and come from.Invoice Ninja's logo on a ninja's face.Invoice Ninja's logo on a wall.



increase in the performance and speed on mobile for the website created by us in comparison to their current one



increase in the performance and speed on desktop for the website created by us in comparison to their current one



took the users to describe what I.N. right when they got on the website during our user testing

The results

We increased the website’s performance and clarified the messaging

The progress per week

Concept sketches from 2nd week of the projectThe prototype of the website from 2nd week of the project.The prototype of the website from 3rd week of the project.The user testing from 3rd week of the project.The prototype of the website from 4th week of the project.

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