With everything that happens in the world right now, many startups need to pivot and change their business strategy. Besides, they have to change their mindset and come up with efficient solutions for their products under time pressure.

Collaboration could bring high results

We all know the mainstream process when the design agency works weeks, or months, on a rebrand without knowing what reactions it could stir up. Then, when the client gives them feedback, another month of iterations is added to the project’s timeline, while the startup risks even more with an insecure idea on the market.

That’s why designers and clients should collaborate more when the time doesn’t allow you to risk with some ideas, bringing more experts in the same room can result in original ideas during this worldwide pandemic.

So, how a design project should look?

1. Remote Work

Remote work is essential right now, and, in a way, it is less expensive. No one has to buy plane tickets, no more wasting time for arriving in an office for meetings.

2. Workshops, not meetings

Meetings are endless discussions that don’t go anywhere. Running a remote workshop will enable you to get things done much faster than usual. Thankfully, the Brand Sprint and Design Sprint processes invented by the Google Ventures team allow teams to do that now.

3. Test the product with real users

What we, as designers, and clients think about a design product is not 100% true until the product arrives on the competitive market. Testing it with real users before launching, gets you the superpower to go into the future and then go back in time and fix the issues.

4. Choose the fastest way for website development

The developing part of a new website takes usually more than 4 months. So, Webflow might be the best choice because using it for development is cheaper and faster (websites can be done in 1 week) than hiring a developer and spending a big part of your budget only on this.


This period puts many startups out of business, and it doesn’t have to be like that. Turning endless meetings into remote workshops, can save a lot of time, costs, and get practical solutions to your problems.

June 22, 2020

Andreea Encutescu

Brand & Web Designer