We are a small branding studio called Brandenstein that uses Design Sprint and Brand Sprint to help social impact businesses overcome the struggles of finding the needed support from their partners at a faster rate.

Our branding process is based on the Design Sprint process and takes 7 weeks. As the Design Sprint is a five-day process, it represents only one week in our process and all the other ones are similar to it.

In March, a non-profit organization from the UK called Mindsum came to us to build their website from scratch. They focus on providing the right information and support for the mental health of children and young people through technology.

In this article, we’ll present to you how we gathered the whole Mindsum team and how we tested the assumptions that we had during the Design Sprint week.

Our challenges from Brand Sprint

The first week in our process is when we get ready and have our first workshop called Brand Sprint. This workshop is also based on the original one, but we added more exercises to it that helps us learn more about the audience and write the brand messaging together with the client in 3 hours.

When we did the Brand Sprint workshop with Mindsum we found out that:

We work remotely so if you’re wondering about the software we use, we conduct our video calls on Whereby and we used a virtual board called Miro.

Day 1 — The Workshop

On day one of Design Sprint week, we started with the How Might We exercise and then we established The Long-Term Goal and Sprint Questions:

After that, we placed the How Might We Questions on the map. The Map exercise shows you the areas and objectives you need to focus on when building the prototype. You can see in the image below that we already got to know the most important information and sections that needed to be on the website:

Day 2 — The Concepts

After the Design Sprint workshop on Monday, we created the concepts of the prototype. For Mindsum, we needed to figure out a way to create the most important sections we discovered in the Map exercise:

Day 3 — The Prototype

At this point, we already had a very clear structure of the website that we could start to prototype. Because we have just one day to do this, we have some tricks to help us move fast:

Day 4 — Team’s Feedback

On Thursday we asked the client’s team for feedback on the prototype during a short feedback workshop. We always look forward to this call because we want to see if we missed something before testing with the user testers the next day on Friday.

The feedback we got helped us see that it was a problem with the images we were using, especially with the hero image, they didn’t correctly illustrate the audience or what they’re doing.

Day 5 — User Testing Call

When we tested with the users during the collaboration we had with Mindsum, we noticed some challenges we didn’t think of:

At the same time, some questions were answered including the Sprint Questions during the user testing calls:

What was next

As we said before, the Design Sprint week is the 2nd in our 7-weeks process. What was next for us was to add personality to the website and brand in the 3rd week and iterate in the design and finish it in the 4th week. These two weeks are very similar to the Design Sprint, we still do user testings and workshops to prioritize the feedback and see what we need to improve.

Then we have the 5th and 6th week to develop the website very fast with Webflow, and the 7th week to wrap up everything we did and send it to the client.

Key takeaway

We and our clients love the Design Sprint process. It allows us to bring all the key elements and people together and get things done very fast.

The client’s team considered that solutions were found instantly, here’s what the director of Mindsum had to say:

“I really loved the way workshops were conducted, because they involved all stakeholders. Challenges were narrowed down and solutions were found almost instantly. Workshops were like creativity on steroids.

I never worked with any other company or team where I felt so relaxed. It was all because you were doing all the heavy lifting.

If you want to get the job to the highest standard of quality, with 10 times less hassle or pain, and 10 times faster, go and talk to Brandenstein.”

- Fareed Baloch, Management, Mindsum

Thanks for reading!

July 21, 2021

Andreea Encutescu

Brand & Web Designer