Thinking of all the brands in this era, we realize there are a lot of products and services that customers have to choose from. So, how does your company differentiate from the others?

Making your brand feel real to your customers helps with marketing a lot more because people can relate to it. People don’t buy the best product, they buy the story that comes along with the product.

The real proof is Apple’s campaign from 1997 when Steve Jobs returned to Apple, become CEO, and his job was to revive the company — they had only 90 days of money left. Jobs realized people don’t buy the best product, they buy the best story. He went from a nine-page ad to just two words: “Think Different”.

Brands will behave like real persons

Technology is advancing day by day, and brands have to adapt. This way, startups have to change their mindsets as well for the future that has to come.

Startups should also take into account the new generations that will come to the consumer market. It is said that 40% of consumer sales are impacted by Gen Z which means they have buying power.

The more we think about the future, the more we realize that companies with a developed personality will survive in the competitive market.

1. Gen Z will become customers

This generation has different interests and passions than the earliest ones. They believe in climate change and other causes, so they expect brands to be a part of it. Also, they have grown up being surrounded by technology and new gadgets, so they communicate differently with brands.

2. Successful Brands will have opinions

Many companies will struggle to keep up with the new expectations of younger generations. Because Generation Z admires brands that do more than just sell a product or provide a service for profit, brands will have to sustain the new generation’s causes.

3. Brands will get close to Nike and Apple

Nike and Apple have developed their brands for decades and they still do. Nike has fans because they stand for something or are against it. Apple has a good story that people relate to, and they believe that customer service represents the gold standard for selling and supporting tech gadgets.

4. Brands will have an appearance

As we already know, the younger generation is tech-savvy and they communicate mostly online. That’s why brands will have to behave like real persons that will engage more often with them. Discord is a very good reference, because they make jokes, post images with them, and they enter in conversations with their followers.


Companies will come to understand in the upcoming years that people will choose their product for who they are and what values they reflect throughout their brand.

July 6, 2020

Gabriela Gurgui

Digital Illustrator