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We are a branding, web design & development studio that helps social impact, environmental, and mission-driven organizations align all stakeholders, ideate solutions, and develop websites validated by their audience.

Fareed Baloch

If you want to get the job to the highest standard of quality, with 10 times less hassle or pain, and 10 times faster, go and talk to Brandenstein.

Fareed Baloch
Fareed Baloch
Management, Mindsum

Audience’s pain points

What’s the root cause of your audience’s problems?

Note: No idea what platform to use from the ones availableNote: Overload of options causing helplessnessNote: They don't trust the services provided by the professionalsNote: They don't have the right info about mental health
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The wireframes for Mindsum's websiteThe web design for Mindsum's website

Partners we're proud to have helped spread the good

"If you want to get the job to the highest standard of quality, with 10 times less hassle or pain, and 10 times faster, go and talk to Brandenstein."
Fareed Baloch
Management, Mindsum
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In just 7 weeks you'll achieve these things...

We bring the best processes big tech companies use to you: Design & Brand Sprint.

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Align all stakeholders

We’ll help you find out what everyone stands for, what the different expectations are, clarify misunderstandings, and align you all towards the same goal.

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Receive the needed support faster

By clarifying your brand messaging, we’ll make it easier for you to explain what you do to partners and investors and why they should support you, which will make it easier for people to join your mission.

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Relax & take care of your organization

We'll do all the heavy lifting for you. You'll just have to join our workshops and calls which you’ll know from the beginning of the project at what hour they'll be at and how much time they'll take.

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Find solutions to your problems instantly

We’re all a team. There’s no disconnection between your team and our team. We’re all experts and we work together during the workshops to solve the challenges.

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Save time & money

We validate everything that we do with real users from your audience and iterate on it. Therefore everything will last longer and you won’t need to do major changes to your brand and website anytime soon.

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Plug & play your brand to your audience

When the project is over (just 7 weeks), you’ll be able to reach your audience in a better way than you used to by following our brand guidelines of how to look, act, and speak to your audience.

We’re always looking to partner with organizations that work on solving these social and environmental issues:

Animal Rights
Children's Rights
Climate Change
Gender Inequality
Human Rights
Mental Health
LGBTQ+ Rights
Different images of Mindsum's website and their audience.
Solve My Challenges & Give Me a Website - Sprint

Branding Mindsum as the all-in-one place to find the right mental health support

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Rebranding, Web Design & Development

Rebranding Invoice Ninja as the go-to invoicing app

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The 4 steps of working with us

Brandenstein talking to a client

Contact us

When you contact us, we’ll reach out to you to have a 30-minutes call.

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Align on the expectations

We’ll have a 1-hour call with some of the stakeholders to set the details.

Brandenstein in a rocket

The project will begin

You’ll meet with us throughout the project during the workshops and calls.

Deliverables folder

Get the deliverables

At the end of the 7th week you’ll get all the deliverables.

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